Tips for Easily Cleaning Gym Clothes

The clothes you wear at the gym might seem hard to clean because of the awful odors they develop and the delicacy of the materials. This doesn’t mean that you should be scared of washing gym clothes especially since there are so many cleaning tips that can help you easily clean add freshen your workout clothes.

Get the fitness clothes to air

Sometimes, you can’t wash the gym clothes right after coming home from the gym and chances are they are all sweaty and smelly. Leaving them in the laundry basket will make them even more smelly so it’s best to get the gym clothes to an airy place so they will dry until you wash them. This will prevent mold spores and odor from developing and they will be easier to clean.

Give the gym clothes a soak

Another tip for getting the odors out of the clothes you wear at the gym is to soak them in water until you will be able to wash them. Some items might require an urgent wash because they are very dirty or because you need to use them the next day. In this case, you can wash them by hand in lukewarm water with a little liquid detergent that will protect the delicate fabrics. This might work as fine as a washing machine cycle because the clothes are rather damp than dirty.

Refresh the fibers with the Conair garment steamer

In some cases, you take some clothes with you at the gym and you never get the chance to wear them but they still get a slight odor from the other clothes in the gym bag. This means that the clothes are not dirty but still need to be freshened up and for this, you can use the clothes steamer, like the Conair Extreme Steam. This handheld steamer is very easy to use so you can always keep it within reach. Pass the strong beam of steam over the clothes to eliminate any bad odors and to remove any dust or bacteria that might have reached into the fibers. This way, you will no longer have to wash clothes that are somehow clean.

Toss them in the Frigidaire FASG7074LR dryer

To make sure the synthetic and elastic materials don’t retain moisture, dry the workout equipment in the dryer at the lowest heat temperature. This will guarantee the moisture will go away but will also protect the delicate fibers that could be damaged by the high heat. Thanks to the steam cycle of this Frigidaire dryer, your gym clothes will be smoothly de-wrinkled and ready to be worn.