The Importance of Sleep for Weight Loss and Bodybuilding

After a resting night’s sleep, you feel ready to face any challenge thrown your way. But a restful night’s sleep isn’t only important for the way you perform at work, being of utter importance when it comes to your workout routine as well. If you work out in order to lose weight or to build muscle mass, then you have to get the needed amount of sleep every night. To find out why sleep is so important for weight loss and bodybuilding, read the following lines.

Muscle and tissue repair

If you go through a bodybuilding exercise routine on a regular basis, your muscles and tissues will be tense or they might break, and in a short while, you won’t be able to perform due to the severe pains. A healthy 7-8 hours of sleep every night helps your muscles and tissues get repaired, which allows you to get back to your intense exercise routine fast. In addition, if you sleep for 7-8 hours every night, you will not only see fast results in muscle recovery, but you will stimulate a more rapid growth of the muscles as well.

Increased performance

After a night when you deprive your body of sleep, you will find yourself unable to perform even the easiest of exercises like you normally do. This means that the results of your workout will be poor when compared to other times when you were fully rested. After getting the necessary amount of sleep, your body has enough energy to work out at maximum levels. This means that you won’t get tired after only starting the workout routine. Therefore, to increase your performance and endurance when you exercise, make sure that you get enough sleep.

Leptin and ghrelin control

Leptin and ghrelin are the hormones that control your hunger. When you’re fighting to lose weight and to build muscle mass, the last thing you need is to feel hungry at late hours of the night or to binge eat. If you don’t get enough sleep, leptin production will be reduced, and ghrelin production will be increased. Therefore, you will feel an uncontrollable hunger caused by the imbalance of these hormones.

How to create the perfect sleeping environment

To get the needed 7-8 hours of sleep, you have to create the perfect sleeping environment. This way, both the quantity and the quality of your sleep will be enhanced, and you will be able to lose weight or build muscle mass faster.

First of all, you have to make sure that the mattress you sleep on provides optimal support in order to receive the quality sleep that you need. A great model to go with is the Sleep Innovations Marley 10-inch gel memory foam mattress. It will cost $350 to buy its Queen sized version. It offers a supporting and soothing medium-firm feel that promotes a profound sleep. It’s ideal for those who sleep on their backs. In addition, the 2-inch air channel foam layer ensures temperature regulation, so you won’t wake up during the night because you feel too hot in your bed.

To sleep like a baby and to get the needed rest to work out at your maximum level, you must lay your head on the Original Bamboo Pillow. It costs only $30. It’s a hypoallergenic pillow that provides a safe and sound sleep, being resistant to dust mites, allergens, and mold. It’s great for all types of sleepers. In addition, this bamboo pillow offers ideal support for your neck and head during your sleep.

Another must-have to create the perfect sleeping environment is the Conair Sound Therapy sound machine that comes at the price of around $23. The reason why you must have this compact device in your bedroom is because it produces soothing sounds that will make you fall asleep faster, and it promotes an uninterrupted night’s sleep as well. It gives you 10 soothing sounds to choose from. Also, it features a 60-minute automatic shut-off timer.