Healthy Weight Loss Plan for Overweight Kids

Child obesity is a fact and fighting it should be a top concern for parents who want their children to be healthy and happy without necessarily putting the accent on looks. The weight loss programs that children must follow are different from the ones that adults follow and they should only be set under the strict observation of a doctor. Still, a healthy weight loss plan consisting of diet and exercising tips is in demand so pay attention to our diet advice.

Provide the necessary amount of calories

Depending on age, gender, and the actual weight of your child, they should consume a certain amount of calories each day in order to enjoy enough energy but also manage to lose some of the extra pounds. Usually, kids under the age of 3 need up to 1,400 calories per day, boys aged 4 to 8 need a maximum of 2,000 calories, boys over 8 years old need 2,600 while little girls need 200 calories less than boys and teenage girls need 400 calories less. If your child is overweight, they should also receive these amounts of calories but their physical activity level should be considerably increased.

Divide the food to small portions

How much your child eats is as important as what they eat because you can’t expect a child to lose weight if they eat double the portions they should normally eat. When you set the portion sizes, think about how much you would be able to eat and divide it by half. A meal shouldn’t exceed one ounce of meat,one egg, and ¼ cup of vegetables. Each meal should be portioned according to the type of food served and the size should be reasonable.

Include workouts into their schedule

Aside from eating healthy, an overweight kid needs to be more active than a regular weight one. Since it could be difficult to convince a small child to go to the gym, you must attract them towards physical activities that are comfortable and entertaining. Family workouts are the best way to get your kid to exercise so make sure you set an example. Take the kid hiking, ride the bike in the park with them or turn any game into a form of exercising so it will be easier for the little one to include physical activities into their daily schedule.