Exercises to Keep Seniors Fit

It’s very important to have an active lifestyle no matter what age you are, but it’s highly recommended to exercise especially when you begin to grow older. The main advantage of physical exercises is that they can help you live longer and feel better, so if you don’t follow a fitness routine, then you may want to consider starting from now on. As a senior, you have to keep in mind that you have to exercise correctly, otherwise you can get injured. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the exercises that will keep seniors fit and help them live a healthy life.


Cycling is one of the best options for seniors because it has low-impact on the joints. Although you may not think so, you actually receive more impact on the joints from walking than from cycling, which definitely makes it a safe training. Nevertheless, if you don’t feel comfortable riding in the neighborhood or around the park, you should get a stationary bike and use it at home. Also, you should never get out cycling without using the appropriate safety equipment.


Swimming is another great exercise for seniors because it improves endurance and flexibility. Also, water takes the stress off your bones and joints and helps you stretch and strengthen muscles all over the body. Furthermore, swimming is one of the best exercises for seniors suffering from arthritis, so even if you drive a mobility scooter in order to perform the daily tasks, you can take advantage of this exercise and work your muscles so they grow stronger.

Stair Climbing

Just like the cycling and swimming, stair climbing is a cardio exercise that will not only work the mobility of the seniors, but also the heart function. Although climbing the stairs could have more impact on the joints, this exercise would help the body get used to more physical training. Nevertheless, if you suffer from mobility problems and climbing the stairs seems dangerous for you, it’s best to install a stair lift and find a safer way to exercise, without having to reach painful intense levels.


Even though rowing is not a traditional exercise for elderly, it can provide a great upper body workout. Also, this particular exercise works the quads, the core, and even the leg muscles. Therefore, you can purchase a rowing machine to use it while you’re at home, or you can row along a local river and enjoy the fresh nature.

Strength Exercises

As time passes and we grow older, the muscles slowly begin to decline in their size. So, it’s very important to do strength exercises in order to keep muscles strong and stay fit. However, you should train with light weights, especially at the beginning and use rubber weights because they are less likely to harm you if they are dropped when you use them.